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The llama Spits, therefore the Waitress is a Llama (Peru)

By December 26, 2007No Comments

The waitress in Lima is rude
like the llama that spits
cocks its cheeks with a skunk like brew
and projectiles it in my direction
and i wonder
What wars were won, territories marked, turf fended, young saved
by flying balls of Llama pleghm?
Sad then is the beast whose very survival depends on such a laughable device
A fault in creation to not have granted them teeth, or claws, a roar of genuine terror or ferocity
Alas even the Ass, as absurd as he might seem, has been noted on the odd occasion to serve a fatal kick. But spit disapprovingly in ones direction? Not on your life- the bearer of Christ might be heard to bray.
The waitress is rude
like the long suffering llama, tugged about the alleys of Cusco on a leash
by a stubborn faced Peruvian kid in search of a paid photo op
Like the llama that lives its existence
with an inkling of the industry it serves
Burial on a Pervuvians steak house plate, or woolly cap adorning the head of gormless Gringo.
The waitress is rude
and now there are no more llama comparisons to justify it

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