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Roll Up For the Magical Mystery Tour

By September 22, 2007No Comments

Roll Up For the Magical Mystery Tour

A letter for Jill on her Departure

John Lennon sits on the edge of her bed, his wings folded neatly behind his back”¦any requests tonight Jilly? ”¦. How about ”˜Hey Jude’ she replies. So he plays ”˜Hey Jude’ and when he finishes, he leans the guitar against the bed and then runs his fingers through her hair ”“ then whispers ”˜Roll up Jilly, Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour, its coming to take you away’ , she smiles a toothless smile (they’re in the little yellow tub beside her bed) She wished that when John visited that she would at least remember to put her teeth in, but the angel always seemed to visit at such unexpected hours that she could never quite be prepared.


Ill be looking at the moon

But ill be seeing you

three thirty this morning ”“with a final hearty sigh ”“Jill boarded the bus and began her new adventure. No doubt Mr Lennon was at the wheel, passing around the joints. Natal Robins pecking at the glass on her window, Dolphins piercing the waves to welcome her, entire Elephant herds bowing to the ground and the spring flowers of Namaqualand bursting into a brilliant fragrant carpet of color ”“ signaling the way to a glorious new and painless existence.

Today and forever I celebrate this extraordinary angel of a woman with you. Whose memory and spirit will long outlive the limitations of her tired body.

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