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Agony of insects

By October 23, 2006No Comments

What to do with these days, how to escape the heat? these sounds-innsesant. Block the sun, muffle the ears, sit beneath ceiling fans. Write ,speculate, speculate about frazzled insects.
These whirring bugs outside, what are they? Ubiquitous to all east coast childhoods, summer in Zulu-land, languor, sweat, lethargy and whirring. Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr- An accompaniment to the day’s unshakable heat. Whirrrrrrrrrrrr- Their distress calls, mimicking, matching its seemingly unmatchable intensity. Crescendo’s reached at midday, on the hour. These are thermometer bugs- this whirrrring the result of their insect blood boiling. Summer sounds: The dreadful collective agony of insects.

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